Poor women dating

13-Nov-2017 15:54

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When he is done he will be an electrician which is perfectly fine as he’s incredibly talented.

Growing up his mother was on social assistance most of his life and he doesn’t know who is father is.

It’s amazing how all walks of life whether they come from a rich family or poor family have different perspectives about money and how to live their lives without outside influence.

Sadly money IS a huge influence in relationships for many people and with good reason, no one wants to struggle financially.

That was a bit much for me to understand back then but now that I’m older I think I get it now.

The circle of rich and poor that keeps on going and going until YOU stop it.

I feel like I am living a lie not telling him my parents are wealthy.

I do understand that their wealth has nothing to do with my bank account but it’s more about the lifestyle shock that worries me.

I understood what it meant to come from an ultra rich family as I learned more about the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace but have never known anyone to be of that stature.

A rich family meant you weren’t struggling to pay the bills, huge savings accounts/investments and the ability to go on holidays when the urge came about. Growing up in what some would consider a poor family based on what their status was in the community meant that everyone was either rich or poor to someone else.He talks so deeply about his upbringing and financial struggles that I tend to dance around mine.

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