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01-Aug-2017 12:01

Yehuda was one the 12 tribes that descended from our forefather Yaakov.Understanding who Yehuda was and what he represented provides us with the key to comprehending the name Jew and understanding who we really are.Some time later, it became evident that Tamar, who was a member of his household, was pregnant.Yehuda was outraged at her obvious promiscuity and publicly challenged her.Her father in law promised her that when his younger son Sheila came of age, he too would marry Tamar.Yet as the years passed and Sheila matured, Tamar began to suspect that no wedding was planned.Instead, he chose to publicly admit that she was correct, and that he was the father, and that she was correct in so tempting him since he had refused to marry her to Sheila.

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He soon discovered he had no money to pay her wages.At that critical moment, Tamar could have in front of everyone accused Yehuda of fathering the child she carried.

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