Intimidating character names

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He became tangled in the sinister plans of a number of other Bhaalspawn, as well as of Jon Irenicus, but emerged victorious.Adon first appears in the 1989 novel Shadowdale by Scott Ciencin under the pseudonym of Richard Awlinson.Cyric is placed on trial by the other greater gods, and Adon had Kelemvor open his own soul to him, making him see everything as the god of death sees it.Adon finally saw Mystra as she truly is, and was received to her realm of Dweomerheart.Adon becomes wounded, leaving a long scar on the side of his face; disillusioned by the apparent lack of interest from Sune, he turns his back on her, refusing to worship so vain and uncaring a deity.In the novel Tantras, Adon met an avatar of the god Torm the True, with whom he works to trick the overly zealous clergy of Torm, who had brutally driven worshipers of all other faiths from the city and kept one of the two Tablets of Fate hidden from him.Abdel Adrian is the main protagonist in the Baldur's Gate series of novels.He is a male human Bhaalspawn and a mercenary warrior.

He is also the head of Castle Trinity, located north of the Edificant Library in the Snowflake Mountains.

The Viking Age is a period of ca 300 years (about 750 - 1050 AD) in the Nordic countries.

By then, the Proto-Norse language had developed into Old Norse.

He is the plain-looking only child of two beautiful, wealthy and devout followers of Sune.

At 18, he became the youngest priest ever accepted into the clergy of Sune.He has blue eyes, three dots tattooed on his forehead (marking him as a scholar of religion, reading, and magic), and a sapphire earring denoting that he is married.