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07-Nov-2017 02:54

She screamed in pleasure as her wetness dripped down her leg and her free hand glided over her body.

Turning onto her stomach, Sarah lay there in a state of pure bliss.

Xavier stopped in his tracks and eyed a deadly pair of strappy black stilettos with a six-inch heel. Pulling him down the aisles until she finally encountered what she was in search of, a vibrator. Carefully tucking the sales receipt into her purse, she dumped the two sizeable white shopping bags and her oversized gold tote into Xavier's arms. I'm too excited to wait a minute longer," she purred.

"Stop, I brought you here to help, not distract me from my mission," she scolded.

As he began to pull off his clothes, Sarah stopped him, "No need to undress. IF I deem your job well done, I'll consider rewarding you." She barked the command at him, ensuring there was no room for negotiations.