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It buried two entire cities, Herculaneum and Pompeii …

Indeed, the amount of dust, taken all together was so great that some of it reached Africa and Syria and Egypt, and it also reached Rome, filling the air overhead and darkening the sun. In the next paragraph he notes that the eruption consumed the temples of Serapis and Isis and Neptune and Jupiter Capitolinus, among others. Seventeen-year-old Pliny the Younger was an eyewitness to the eruption and described it in terms similar to Dio’s.

The oracles were preserved by Christians who believed they gave pagan testimony to the true religion and to Christ.

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Shaye, however, immediately replied, “Try Book 4 of the Sibylline Oracles.” He was right on.[Some] believed that the whole universe was being resolved into chaos or fire .…While this was going on, an inconceivable quantity of ashes was blown out, which covered both sea and land and filled all the air …The city remained amazingly preserved for almost two millennia.

When it began to be excavated in the late 19th century, the archaeologists revealed a first-century Roman city frozen in time—from the vivid frescoes on the walls of spacious villas to the loaves of bread left baking in the oven.

Was this disaster, which occurred almost exactly nine years after Roman troops destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, seen as God’s revenge on the conquerors of the holy city? That is the date on which observant Jews, sitting on the floor of their synagogues, still mourn the destruction of the First Temple, Solomon’s Temple, in 586 B. Read the full article “Solomon, Socrates and Aristotle” by Theodore Feder online for free. Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and other nearby sites occurred, according to most commentators, on August 24 or 25 in 79 C. According to Seneca, the quakes lasted for several days.