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I paid for the aformentioned Mockingbird 0 and it worked perfectly and had no major dings or anything and came with the original case. I nearly bought a '77 (very early) all Mahogany neck-through BC Rich Eagle recently but it was in Japan and the whole shipping and VAT thing to get it to the UK just started getting ridiculous so I backed out. I had Neal Moser to take a look at some pictures of the guitar and he was really excited about it. Just looked through an old 'Guitarist' magazine from '89, has a review of a BC. Superstrat styled, 22fret bolt on H-S-S, Floyd copy, they said it was a so-so guitar, silly shaped BCRich meets CBS fender headstock shape- is this the one? eh i dunno if dig that radical a guitar shape, BUT i didnt manage to work out a deal with the guy for 250 instead of 600 for the Bich.

They're total quality from the time when Neal Moser and Mal Stitch were still at BC Rich. He's also the guy who's responsible for BC Rich guitars having all of those knobs and switches. They're not cheap but a couple of the models are available as cheaper imported versions.

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BC Rich says serial numbers will be put on their imports again starting next year. Rich is an American brand of acoustic and electric guitars and bass. a 88xxx serial number guitar would have been built in 1984). Private communication Tim Keyes, BC Rich Dating Your BC Rich Guitar,. Rich Ironbird Pro Serial numbers began as a stamped 6 digit number starting with the year and. Rich about producing an instrument of his design, possibly at the behest of Paul who had been playing his beloved Eagles (and a few other models) since 1983.

Apart from the obvious difference in the horns this bass also featured a shorter scale.At the festival, Chad Speck from Encore Music in Minneapolis was showing this near-mint Mockingbird Supreme—an excellent example of craftsmanship from the early days of B. By the latter part of the decade, he began experimenting with electric guitars, crafting instruments based on designs from Fender and Gibson. With a sleek and curvy body shape, fast neck, and hot-rodded circuitry and pickups, the Seagull was certainly an eye-catching model. Deluxe models were outfitted with slightly better woods and appointments, while Supreme models boasted quilted woods, binding, abalone inlays, and more circuitry options. Rich began importing kits from Korea that were assembled in the US, and by the late 1980s, the company was importing several lines of guitars from both Japan and Korea.

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