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16-Aug-2017 04:47

I don't think anyone ever doubted Swift and Gyllenhaal were a couple, but now we pretty much have proof.

I hope this doesn't ruin Hathaway's friendship with Swift or Gyllenhaal.

However, I do know that it is very hard to believe in on-screen love, and I am pumped that I could believe in ours." also gives an interesting take on modern love.

What is your take on modern love and finding your true love?

After waiting five days for help that doesn't seem to be coming, he amputates his own limb to set himself free -- his only chance of survival.

After proving his dramatic abilities in pictures like , Franco gives the most convincing, gut-wrenching and enlightening character portrayal of his career.

One of the biggest celebrity relationship mysteries might have just been solved thanks to Princess Mia Thermopolis herself.

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It’s an incredibly intoxicating feeling that initial rush and then as spend more time and it deepens, it becomes something else entirely – it becomes all the epic things that the world is made up of.But I really doubt that, because Swift is all about supporting other women in the entertainment industry.Instead, they'll probably just have a chat and then we'll all notice that Hathaway joined Swift's "squad."Whatever happens, I just have one thing to say: Thanks for spilling the beans, Anne."I thought it was going to be tough," the recent Oscar ceremonies co-host admits.

"Luckily, I was in the company of two great gentlemen, Jake and (director) Ed (Zwick, who put me at ease.At least that’s what my experience has been." What attracted you to the role of Maggie? I was so drawn to her rhythm, and I was so in awe of what she was going through and the way she was handling it, the way she handling her diagnosis was completely understandable – with anger, with denial, with frustration, with vulnerability, self medication, and she’s an intelligent girl, it made sense to me that she would be getting it right at times and sometimes it would be a real struggle for her.