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11-Aug-2017 12:07

Today she said: 'My job means the world to me - it's truly been a joy.'As American's most senior flight attendant, Bette can fly any route she'd like.

Since 1961 she's been flying the shuttle route between Washington DC and Boston so she can get back to her Manassas, Virginia home by night to be with her son who has special needs.'Do I like my job?

Life was a blur of moneyed suitors and over-the-top parties.Video courtesy of WJLA Bette and a few of her colleagues who work together regularly are affectionately known as the crew of the 'Nash-Dash,' after her surname.'Bette has always looked pristine,' remembered fellow DCA-based flight attendant Helen Waters.'When Bette started flight attendants had to wear gloves, and she used to bring two pairs, just in case one got dirty while working.'Talking about the early days of her flying career, Bette said: 'They used to chalk up all the morning flights with chalk and in the afternoon, they'd erase it and chalk it up again.' One of her highlights was flying the Kennedys to Boston.She said: 'My favorite part of flying over the years has been greeting my passengers as they board and deplane.

People really are fascinating.'At a ceremony at DCA, her boss Jill Surdek surprised her with diamond earrings to celebrate the momentous occasion.They looked so elegant and I wanted to be one of them.